Milford Hospital Announce Winter Programs

Milford Hospital is pleased to announce our winter schedule of Community Health and Wellness Programs.   Four 'Dinner with the Doctor" programs as will a program on Senior Help Desk, an online resource for seniors.    Information is also offered on health screenings and support groups.  Most sessions, programs and screenings are offered for FREE or at a minimal charge.  To view click here:



"Dinner with the Doctor" Heart Smart

One in three people in the United States has cardiovascular disease.  Learn about the risk factors, hear heart healthy tips and inform yourself on how not to become another statistic.  

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016                                              6:00pm                                                                               Presented by:  Dr. Clifford Kramer,  Cardiologist

A light, healthy supper will be served.  Program is FREE.   Registration is required,  seating is limited.   Call 203-876-4004 to register.