A community of mutual respect amongst all who enter our doors.

Milford Hospital's commitment to clinical excellence and high quality care for our patients is matched by our commitment to providing a comfortable community of caring for all who enter our doors. Below is some information our patients may find helpful.

Telephone Directory by Department

203.876.4000:Main Number
203.874.4100:Emergency Department – 24 Hours
203.876.4101:Walk In Center – Boston Post Road
203.876.4070:Case Management
203.876.4060:Community Relations
203.876.4474:Credit Office
203.876.4253:CT Scan
203.783.1143:Development Office (Milford Hospital Foundation)
203.876.4238:Diagnostic Imaging / Radiology
203.876.4650:Diagnostic & Treatment Center
203.876.4140:Family Childbirth Center
203.876.8414:Home Care Plus
203.876.4095:Human Resources
203.876.4160:Intensive Care Unit
203.876.4503:Joint Center – South 3
203.876.4215:Medical Records
203.876.4111:Memorial II West – Inpatient Unit
203.876.4120:Memorial III West – Inpatient Unit
203.876.7745:Milford Medical Laboratory (Offsite)
203.876.4055:Outpatient Nutritional Counseling
203.876.4028:Outpatient Registration
203.876.4138:Patient Accounts
203.876.4051:Patient Payments
203.876.4080:Physical Therapy
203.876.4060:Public Relations
203.876.4070:Social Services
203.876.4190:Surgi Center
203.876.4062:Volunteer Services
203.876.4101:Walk In Center – Boston Post Road
203.876.4285:Young Parent Program

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Each Patient has the right to

  • Be treated with respect, courtesy, dignity
  • Be free from restraint not medically necessary
  • Receive care in a safe setting, free from abuse and harassment
  • Be informed about your diagnosis and participate in the plan of care and treatment
  • Consent to or decline the recommended care treatment, to the extent permitted by law
  • Know the physicians and staff providing your care
  • A response by hospital staff for care and services
  • Have pain assessed and managed
  • Personal privacy
  • Confidentiality of medical records
  • Be informed of resources for resolving conflict or filing a grievance
  • An explanation of all charges and payment methods
  • Formulate advance directives by which hospital staff and practitioners providing care comply with directives in accordance with federal law
  • Have a family member and or physician of choice notified promptly of his/her admission
  • Call the Connecticut Department of Public Health with a complaint at 860-509-7400.

Each Patient has the responsibility to

  • Inform doctors and nurses of any changes in health problems
  • Provide information about past illnesses, medications and other health matters
  • Advise staff if instruction are not fully understood
  • Observe all hospital rules and regulations and have visitors do the same
  • Be considerate of other patients and hospital staff
  • Provide a copy of any Advance Directives

Patient Privacy

Milford Hospital is committed to respecting the dignity and privacy of every patient, and to meeting federal privacy laws. We are also required by law to give you a detailed notice of our legal duties and privacy practices relating to your health information; and to follow the terms of that notice.

Please be aware that federal privacy laws may prohibit us from releasing specific information about you, even to family members, without your consent.

Download a PDF or Word document of our Privacy Policies, which describes how medical/health information about may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Patient Health Resources

UpToDate provides hundreds of patient information topics, allowing patients and healthcare providers to share in the decision making process.